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Aiming to provide the highest standards for both our landlords and tenants, we are an accredited Letting Agency with Landlord Accreditation Scotland. We offer bespoke services for each landlord taking their specific requirements for the letting and management of their properties into account and sourcing tenants to match the landlord’s expectations.

Rental income amounts are derived from the location and tenancy type on each property however, we always aim to maximise the income for the landlord whilst not restricting the tenancy potential by making rental unaffordable. All circumstances are taken into account for rental assessment including local comparisons, property condition, tenancy type, location and general level of interest.

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Fees are very competitive and we believe, offer fabulous value for money. We take a real interest in the properties within our portfolio and ensure maintenance and condition during tenancy is always reviewed. Most of our letting portfolio are based within 10 miles of our base therefore management is continuous as we are always in the area and reviewing the properties whenever we pass, outwith the 3 or 6 standard monthly inspections. Our management fees are low and we offer reduced set up costs for new landlords.

Maintenance is all important in our opinion. We aim to have the properties in the best condition they can be within our client’s budget pre tenancy. This allows for better tenant options and maximum rental income. We also believe that tenants will look after a property in great condition much more than a ‘tired’ property. Ultimately this will pay for itself over time. We have local “all trades” contractors on hand to provide excellent renovation and repair services where required ensuring the landlord has quality workmanship at best value, all under our supervision.


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Compliance is non-negotiable. We ensure hard wired (usually radio linked) smoke alarms in public areas, carbon monoxide detectors in each room where there is a gas appliance, heat alarms in the kitchen, fire blankets in kitchens, RCD protection on all fuse boards. Energy Performance Certificate will also be on site. Annual Gas Safety certificates in place, EICR and PAT test certificates also provided plus Legionella testing. With new regulations this is becoming more expensive however, is essential for the safety of the tenants and compliance with peace of mind for both landlord and ourselves.

To summarise, we offer a great services for all landlords at fabulous value. Flexible and personable, we listen to our client’s needs and tailor our services accordingly. We have great relationships with our tenants also, this is imperative for all parties to ensure smooth tenancies and minimal disruption or disputes. We are also available for contact 8am – 10pm 7 days a week should tenants or landlords require information or assistance. Our business grows in line with our clients growing their portfolio. In line with our other services, we can service our landlords and investors from start to finish in aspects of their property ownership and sale alleviating the need for them to source alternative businesses for any other property options. We are truly a one stop shop for all your residential property needs. You will not be disappointed!

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